Community Guidelines


We, at Carnexi, want our community to be a reliable, honest and safe community allowing users to purchase and/or lease their vehicle(s). Help us promote this community by only posting content you own and ensure you abide by the law, at all times. Treat everyone with respect on Carnexi, do not harass, spam, scam or post unsolicited content.


Carnexi is a community that is dictated by its users. Therefore, the community is diverse, consisting of users with distinctive cultures, religions, beliefs and views.

As a result, we have created Community Guidelines so that you, the user, can help us maintain, promote and safeguard our community. By using Carnexi you have agreed to both our Community Guidelines and our Terms of Use. We are devoted to these guidelines and hope you, the user, are too. A violation of either our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use may result in deleted content, disabled accounts or any other action(s) we feel are necessary.

• Only purchase a car in a safe and secure manner
We, at Carnexi, do not directly deal with the selling or leasing of a vehicle(s). If you wish to purchase or lease a vehicle we advise you to meet the seller or dealer in person and complete the transaction(s) in a manner best suited to you.

• Only advertise vehicles you own
Carnexi does not allow purchasing or leasing of vehicle from a third party. Ensure the vehicle(s) you post are your own or at the very least, at hand.

• Do not deceive others
Use accurate and truthful information and picture/videos – please refrain from using any photos/videos that you have not taken. This also applies to your personal information. Do not impersonate an individual or company. Accounts that are found doing so shall be terminated.

• Update your information
Please ensure your personal information is valid and current. Especially the email address that you entered when signing up to Carnexi, as we will use this email address to contact you with regards to any updates about your profile or content you have posted. As well as, any changes we intend to make. To do this, simply select your Profile > Settings > Edit Profile and amend any/all dated information since you signed up.

• Only post content (photos and videos) that you have taken or have the rights to share
You, the user, are accountable for the content you post on Carnexi. Only post accurate content, and do not post any content which you may have plagiarized or amassed from the Internet that you do not have the rights to post. Do not post content that is false and misleading.

• Only post appropriate content
Refrain from posting content depicting any of the following: sexual intercourse, genitalia, nudity, pornography, violence or criminal behaviour, drugs or illegal substances, hate speech, terrorist activities, graphic content, fraudulent services/products.

Remember, you are responsible for your own actions. If required, we shall inform local authorities of your actions and the content you have posted.

• Genuine interactions
Help us stay spam-free by not falsely accumulating likes, comments and/or followers. Do not post repetitive content, comments or repeatedly contact other users for marketing purposes without their consent

• Abide by the law
We at Carnexi do not support or promote any of the following: terrorism, organised crime or hate groups, proposing sexual services, bullying, selling illegal substances, selling firearms, stolen goods or fraudulent activities. Always ensure you follow the law when offering to buy, sell or leasing a vehicle(s). Accounts promoting any of the aforementioned material(s) shall be dealt accordingly

• Respect other members of the Carnexi community
We want to promote a reliable, honest and safe community. We will remove content that does not correspond with our aspirations with regards to the community we desire. Content that portrays any of the following shall be removed: threatening behaviour, hate speech, content that shames or degrades another individual, personal information with the intent to blackmail or harass another individual, constant spam.

We do not condone any form of abuse or violence based on an individual’s race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disabilities or diseases.

Threats to the public or another member of the community will not be taken lightly. This includes explicit threats of physical harm, theft, vandalism or financial harm. We thoroughly review reports of threats and will take a number of variables into account when determining if a threat is sincere.

Help us keep our community strong:

Each user is an integral figure of the Carnexi community. If you see something that violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, we urge you to make use of the in-app report feature. We shall review and taken the necessary action(s) as quickly as possible. When filing a report, please be as detailed and precise as you can. We may remove the reported content or information relating to the content, if we believe the report to be true.

If you find content you do not like, but it does not violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Use, we advise you to unfollow the user who posted the content. If you receive a comment(s) on your content that you do not like, you have the option to remove it.

If you have any issues or disputes with other members of the community, we urge you to resolve the matter between you and the party involved. If your content was used by someone else, you should try commenting and asking them to remove the content. If that does not work, select the “Copyrighted content” when reporting the post.

We are willing to comply with local authorities’ if needed, when we believe a user displays certain behaviours that insinuate physical or financial harm or if we consider them a threat to the public.

Thank you for your co-operation and helping us create an honest, reliable and safe community.

The Carnexi Team