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About Carnexi

Carnexi is the next generation automobile marketplace app where individuals come to search, discover or buy cars. Combined with the integration of social media, car shopping or selling has never been easier.


Advertise your car for sale within minutes on Carnexi. Whether you are a walking, talking encyclopaedia when it comes to cars or someone who just knows the basics, Carnexi caters to your needs. Did we also mention, it’s free* to start listing?


Discover in ways never seen before. Discover cars for sale by using our maps view feature! Looking for a car that’s local? How about using our ‘Near you’ feature. Or, if none of that matters to you, just search via the filters which suit your needs.


Find your next car with Carnexi, but do it the right way. Say good-bye to the days of e-mails and talking on the phone, with Carnexi you can reply back to direct messages and comments. (We still allow for communication via phone and e-mail).
Still undecided as to which car to buy? That’s fine, be sure to follow users who have adverts which interest you and keep up to date with them as well.

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Our goal

Simple. To create a strong honest community that makes car buying and selling easier than ever before.

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They speak a thousand words

Carnexi allows you to add a maximum of 20 images, per advertisement. By default, you get 4 images for free. To add more images, there is a purchase of £1.99 per image.


Promote your advert

Carnexi offers sellers a chance to promote their advert. This allows your advert to be seen by other users. This feature does come at a premium, that being £9.99, per listing, for the duration of the advert being listed on Carnexi.


It's pretty simple

We've adopted a PAYG (Pay as you go) pricing plan, which suits your needs. Whether you wish to enhance your advert with our extra features available is completely down to you.

Please note

Carnexi reserves the right to alter pricing, as and when we see fit.